So a few more images from the foundry project in Munich. And as below a good project to have done, my previous trips to Schmuck have been as a visitor catching up with friends and seeing what is going on but what has struck me this time as a participant taking in some other gallery openings and shows is given Munich’s reputation as one of the European centres of avant-garde studio jewellery how very conservative the whole set-up seemed. A self-referential 3-day community fencing itself in; constructing it’s parameters and discourses very much in it’s own image. The city itself is a conservative place too, very ordered; probably very easy to be seen as stepping out of line even with what struck us as pretty normal clothing. Not many surprises around street corners, less food for the flaneur than most European cities.    


playing keepy-upy with a bit of Dave Clarke’s work.


Lots of good stuff to see from the train between London and Munich.


That box and all the bits.




Cotton lines and a Dave Clarke boot.munich13

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