An interesting visit last week. With ‘ Taking Time: Craft and the Slow Revolution’  hoving into view in early October I am looking forward to spending time in the workshop over the summer making some new work for the show. As a sort of kick-start a few of the exhibitors met up with Helen to look at the first venue in the tour, Birmingham City Museum and Art Gallery. These are a few photos of the space. It was good to meet Shane Waltener and Paul Scott and talk about possible directions for working and to listen to other people’s responses to the space. A beautiful woodblock floor of unusually small elements that has a regularity and complexity of a woven textile, the cast iron columns having a certain visual softness, geometric yet somehow just a little fluid. The  high ceiling supported on riveted beams. Its a very large space and a rare opportunity to show work with a lot of air around it and long and varied sightlines, not necessarily how furniture usually lives but a luxury to enjoy. So some talk, a space, I just need to make the work now.


















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