The rest of the week should prove interesting, I was invited to show at Art in Action, held in the grounds of Waterperry House in Oxfordshire Art in Action is a public event with artists and makers demonstrating and doing their craft. I’ve never really done this sort of thing before, certainly not for such a period of time and so intensely. I don’t really include it the same experience or activity as teaching, even showing how things are done in workshop class; with that there is a distance, showing a technique or method of how to get something done efficiently and safely making sure all the students understand. The method or technique is commonly held knowledge and usually part of a teaching programme and although any way of doing something will contain or show some of the doer’s foibles teaching is a process of moving and imparting knowledge, there is an objectivity in the intention. So while many of these things may still apply while showing at Art in Action this is the real me performing. I anticipate it will feel more subjective and personal, people seeing me do something the way I do it with more of me invested in it as opposed to demonstrating how something should be done. I think I might stop making sense soon and I think topic needs a thesis not a blog-post! 

So what to take and show? Something more tangible that starting with bare boards but not carrying hours of risk in ‘just finishing off’ a job  working in a strange environment. Well I thought that I would go for something in between; some pre-made roughed out components for a version of the popular 3-legged hall table and an almost finished new piece that needs drawers and other separate parts making. This piece, a dressing and jewellery cabinet in pearwood, maple, walnut and cedar can be seen in the pictures sitting in the workshop amongst some of the full size models of the piece. I’ll also be making a small seat to go with this piece. It should be fun, plenty of people to see and speak to and we are camping in the field next door.




















Come and say hello, I’ll be in the woodwork tent.