The last few months have found me working on a number of projects, two in particular have been particularly exciting and both will be showing from the early summer.

I was invited by the applied arts collective 60/40 along with Chris Keenan and Linda Florence to make work as a site specific response to the Siobhan Davies Dance Studios as part of the Starting Points initiative. It is a chance to take risks and explore new ideas, to let out some of those ways of thinking that sometimes stay in the sketchbook and to connect them to an opportunity.  I’m making the work now and you can find out more here .

Alice Kettle is a machine embroiderer and a research fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University where she has set up a project called Pairings. The aim is to draw seemingly disparate practitioners together to make collaborative work over an extended period of time. Since last summer, Alice, myself and the writer Jane Webb have been meeting, talking and writing to each other and slightly more recently and in a  more accelerated manner making work together. It has been fantastically exciting and  a privilege to work with these people. The show opens in Manchester in July and will be fully documented. I’ll post more details and some images of what we have been up to nearer the time.