An invitation by 60/40 to make new work responding to the working environment of the Siobhan Davies Studios has resulted in two new pieces. Over the last few months I have been drawing, watching and listening in the space. I knew how I wanted to go about the project but I didn’t know what it was going to be. In a state of flux between near stultifying stillness and  sometime hectic abandonment the very air of the place changes. But as dancers come and go in relatively short or intermittent periods of working engagement when compared to the shift patterns of the studio people set against the slower rhythms of the surrounding buildings’ lives, patterns of time and action overlap and only partially resolve.

A fluidity of movement and sound against the framing of the building, the tightness of the metalwork and the softness of the brickwork, poise, posture, balance. At rest or in moments of tension there is a phasing and pulse of one moment set against another.

One hundred legs may remind us of limbs, angular yet soft; mechanical yet human. This duality suggests an interdependency of buildings and people, each needs the other to make it what it is. People make spaces what they are and the spaces allow and condition activities and responses. In some settings the legs need the walls for rest and balance, in others they appear almost as scaffold, in their turn supporting.  Visual rhythms, the vibration of moving and static lines, playing on the tensions, the shifting dynamic of people in spaces.

These themes also inform a parallel response in liquorice straps. Recordings of the building are looped and layered generating a continuously evolving soundscape set into the sound of the space now. The clangs, steps, silences, scrapes, squeaks; the bubbling of the playground leaking through the stark walls, quiet sirens and overhead jets set up unexpected rhythms, tensions and pauses.

Chris Keenan, Linda Florence, Myself and Jane Webb will be taking part in an event at the studios on the evening of the 30th July, for more details and to reserve a place please see the link on the previous post.

The project was featured by Crafts Magazine and the four page article can be seen here.225JA10FE-SiobhanD-gl3_Layout 1

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