Over the last year I have been making, talking and writing with Alice Kettle and Jane Webb as part of the Pairings project at Manchester Metropolitan University. In an open-ended conversation we have explored and and engaged in each other’s practices sharing ways of working and exchanging thoughts, ideas and processes. The whole experience has been exciting and liberating, challenging and rewarding but hugely enjoyable. We found that we all brought new ways of thinking to each others working methods and somewhere in the space between us something new to all of us happened. Like a conversation it is fluid and contingent, with blurred edges and a beginning that is difficult to remember with certainty and an end that is not yet in sight. Some of the work we made is showing as part of the Pairings exhibition, more details here, until November 13th and then touring. We didn’t make a finished ‘thing’, it is a work in progress and a reflection of fragments, thoughts, notes, sketches and questions.

Thankyou Jane and Thankyou Alice.