An invitation to make work for the West Coast gallery Velvet da Vinci is an opportunity to draw together some recent strands of my practice. Collaborative making and ambiguous or rhetorical furniture forms.

I will be working from London on some pieces that can be moved to San Francisco and also working on site in the gallery. Playing with the idea of intervening in the gallery space and thinking about how jewellery and small scale metalwork are displayed or co-exist with furniture and other containers. The collaborative works will draw together disparate practices resulting in hybrid objects of a ‘third hand’, constituitive of each other but singularly autonomous. The furniture-like objects will offer an alternative to the usual notions of display in a jewellery gallery; acting as intermediary between person, object and space. Spaces and preciousness, the body and concealment, display and secrecy. The stuff that is intimate to us and their materiality in conversation, making sense and asking questions.

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