I am delighted that my essay ‘History In The Making: The Use Of Talk In Interdisciplinary Craft Practice’ has just been published in Linda Sandino and Matthew Partington’s edited volume Oral History In The Visual Arts.

From the back matter of the book: “Interviews are becoming increasingly dominant research method in art, craft, design, fashion, and textile history. This groundbreaking text demonstrates how artists, writers, and historians deploy interviews as creative practice, as “history”, and as a means to insights into the micro-practices of arts production and identity that contribute to questions of “voice”, authenticity, and authorship.” 

More details including the full list of contributors can be found here on the Bloomsbury website.


One thought on “Oral History in the Visual Arts

  1. Terrific – I look forward to reading it. I have a couple of short pieces in the next issue of the Journal of Writing in Creative Practice, but an essay in a book? Renders the hard graft worth while. Enjoying Cranbrook and Detroit, though it’s bloody freezing. Hope to see you in London some time after Easter…


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