I recently completed the second stage of a project commissioned for NHS Gloucestershire. The work consists of several small display cases packed with obscure and arcane hospital paraphernalia. The project was part of the relocation of local cottage hospital facilities to new buildings at Moreton-in-Marsh and Bourton on the Water. From a  practical, healthcare provision point of view the relocation from charming, but aging Victorian buildings to modern new sites cannot be faulted. Understandably though there were some mixed feelings within the wider community, anxieties and nostalgia, at the prospect of losing  a connection with places that had played a large part in the villages’, and people’s histories. A series of artworks was commissioned by Lesley Greene with the aim of easing this transition.

I worked with a collection of objects from the hospital archives: medical equipment whose uses are long-forgotten, recognisable but outdated apparatus, and oddments that were kept by someone at some time by someone. These were arranged in small cabinets and sited around the buildings, in corners, some hidden, some obvious: no interpretation is offered alongside them. I hope that when these objects are chanced upon they will prompt stories of the past – how things were, and inspire new thoughts – possibilities and imaginings.




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