I will be showing two new bodies of work at Collect 2014 at the Saatchi Gallery, London, with Contemporary Applied Arts, May 9th-12th.

The works, Interlocutors: Cabinets for Small Curiosities, and Goffman (1974) exhibit my continuing interest with how furniture interacts and mediates between us, the spaces we live in, and the material artefacts that configure our experiences.

The three pieces that make up Interlocutors: Cabinets for Small Curiosities have a quite explicit visual relationship to particular architectural forms. The kind of ‘found’ architecture of industrial and agricultural structures that have long fascinated me. Each piece is named for the specific locations where that imagery – through drawings and photographs of line, structure, and mass – have found particular resonance in these new works. The intention has been that the three cabinets speak to each other as a coherent whole as much as they speak to the things that they will house. With Goffman (1974) I have sought to produce works that are almost devoid of characteristics. As such they focus attention on the objects we see in or on them, or through them in the larger environment: they frame aspects of experience. But by presenting such minimal pieces they also help us to invert the figure/ground situation to ask what it is that the furniture does.



Goffman (1974)



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  1. Working first of them I’ve seen 2014 in the Saatchi gallery London, it was very very special, thank you David Gates.
    Our daughter has lived for 9 years in London, we are often at their.
    I also work with wood, have a look.

    Greetings from Germany
    Horst Kontak

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