I have been working with Helen Carnac, making new pieces together that integrate wood and enamelled steel. Folded panels – enamelled, sgrafittoed, ground, and oxidised form constructional elements. Thus displacing and obviating much of my regular joinery techniques, and also shifting enamel-work from the more usually decorative to a functional role in cabinet furniture. The new work is a significant development for both our working practices and we are delighted to be showing a collection of pieces with Sarah Myerscough at Collect, stand 2.2, Saatchi Gallery London, this week.

If you are the person who stole our research photobook from the exhibit yesterday then maybe you are having a look here too. I doubt we’ll ever get it back from you so we just wanted you to know what a sad and selfish bastard you are. You could have spoken to us and we could have printed you a copy, you would have gained more that way. If you think it through please send it back to the gallery. If not, hopefully something bad or distressing is coming to you. There is only one copy of the photobook ‘helen carnac david gates fieldwork’, if someone shows it to you, they are able to because they stole it.



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